Institutions for an Entrepreneurial Society Track at the 14th Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research

Mark Sanders will Chair the “Institutions for an Entrepreneurial Society” track at the 14th Interdisciplinary ¬†European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research on 7-9 September 2016 in Chur, Switzerland.

The track will look at:

  • Establishing the need for and/or desirability of a transition to a more Entrepreneurial Society in Europe.
  • The impact of labor market institutions on the willingness of talented people to work in innovative, young, small and medium sized enterprises.
  • The interaction of intellectual property rights, public R&D and academic research, knowledge institutions and other institutions affecting the knowledge flows in the economy with entrepreneurial venturing.
  • The impact of financial regulation, bank- and financial market institutions and institutional investors on the availability and flow of funds to experimental, high risk, small and medium sized start-ups and enterprises.
  • Historical evolution of labor, knowledge and financial institutions and their level of cultural and historical embeddedness in Europe.
  • Complex interdependencies between sets of labor, knowledge and financial institutions affecting entrepreneurship in the Europe.
  • Reform proposals and ideas that go beyond the usual entrepreneurship policy instruments: education, subsidies and tax cuts, building networks and reducing red tape.

Contributors will address one or more of the listed topics above, using qualitative analyses and case studies, empirical analyses and developing theoretical frameworks. For more information on the final program visit

Submission deadline: 29 May, 2016

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