Main tasks/objectives

Coordinator: Dr. Axel Marx

In this work package the reform proposals that were formulated in the project in abstract, general and economic terms, are transformed into a policy package that addresses the right policy makers in the right way. The work package, executed largely by legal scholars at the KU-Leuven (Prof. Jan Wouters, Dr. Axel Marx and Dr. Phillip de Man) in close collaboration with the project coordinator, assesses legal and political feasibility of the reform proposals and positions them to the level of government in the EU that has both competence and interest in the proposed reforms.

This work package starts with analyzing the current policy framework for entrepreneurship in Europe, linking it to relevant other policy domains such as financial markets, industrial policy, IPR-policies, taxation, labor market and social security policy. It is clear from the outset that in these various fields different legislative bodies have competences and political mandate. To avoid addressing the wrong policy makers with the wrong proposals we do a first assessment of existing policies, to later quickly position or new proposals in the complex political and policy reality of the EU today.

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