To get Europe back on the road to inclusive, sustainable growth we need to (re)kindle Europe’s entrepreneurial spirit. This Horizon2020 project developed Financial and Institutional Reforms to build an Entrepreneurial Society (FIRES) in Europe.

Such a reform strategy cannot be a one-size-fit-all and necessarily builds on Europe’s rich and diverse history. In this project we therefore brought together scholars from such diverse fields as history, economics, geography and law to formulate our proposals.

Moreover, FIRES formulates practical reform proposals in the realms of finance, labor and knowledge to enable the small scale, experimental and innovative bottom up activity that is needed to revitalise Europe’s economy in the 21st century. To ensure practical relevance and applicability we engaged the relevant stakeholders throughout the project. The FIRES-reform proposals and seven-step method for tailoring them to local conditions can be found on this website. Go to our Policy Briefs for quick and practical guidelines and delve into the many reports and publications for further details. The FIRES-project ended on May 31 2018, but the work has only just begun.

Join us in shaping the European entrepreneurial revolution!

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    • Very rejuvenating effort that could pave the way of a different way of thinking about EU

      Zacharias MauroukasGeneral Director of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Policy, Ministry of Economics, Development & Tourism

      • A very informative policy-oriented seminar on the intricacies of innovation and entrepreneurship

        Kyriakos DrivasResearch Associate, Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation

        • The meeting was enjoyable, informative and really insightful containing several innovative policy ideas which Mark shared with generosity with us. It was further a great pleasure to meet and talk with the other participants whose high expertise and experience on issues related to innovative entrepreneurship brought extra value to our considerations

          Irene FafaliouProfessor of Economics, University of Piraeus, Greece

          • There are no more excuses for a lackadaisical economy in Europe. What it takes to create an entrepreneurial society will surprise people — it’s not what most people typically expect. The Berlin meeting showed that the entrepreneurial society is alive and thriving, (even) in the European context. The pathbreaking work by FIRES makes it clear that places in Europe have only themselves to blame for not paying attention and not learning about the primacy of the entrepreneurial society and what it actually takes to join the entrepreneurial society.

            David AudretschAmeritech Chair of Economic Development, Indiana University

            • The transition to a more entrepreneurial society in Europe is urgent and desirable. It creates more opportunities for more people and helps Europe develop and scale the solutions to urgent societal challenges. I am thrilled that the European Commission has decided to fund this project.

              Mark SandersAssociate Professor of International Macroeconomics

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