Main tasks/objectives

Coordinator: Prof. Erik Stam

In this work package the challenge was to collect data and bring these together in a consistent and coherent way, such that the quality of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe could be compared across space at the regional level and across time at the national level. In this workpackage we built on the methodology developed by Acs et al. for the Global and Regional Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI and REDI link to website). The methodology is extended where appropriate and Prof. Erik Stam will work closely with Prof. Zoltan Acs, Prof. Laszlo Szerb, Dr. Balasz Pager, Dr. Niels Bosma and junior researchers at both the Utrecht University of and University of Pecs to deliver reports and papers on the evolution over time and the comparison across European regions. The results of this work help calibrate the parameters in a Geographic Macro Region simulation model that can assess the costs and benefits of proposed reforms to strengthen aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a region.

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