Main tasks/objectives

Coordinator: Prof. Michael Fritsch (FSU Jena)

In this work package the urgency and desirability of the transition to an entrepreneurial society was researched. It is established that many benefits can be linked to the transition to a more entrepreneurial economy and society.

First, a wide range of contributions from a transdisciplinary team of researchers, including Dr. Jacob Jordaan, Mr. Jeroen Content, Prof. Michael Fritsch, Prof. Koen Frenken, establishes that globalization drives regional specialization and competitiveness.

Also in this work package entrepreneurship is linked to:

  • Knowledge flows and innovation by Dr. Claire Economidou.
  • Job creation and trade flows by Prof. van Biesebroeck, Ms. Karen Geurts.
  • Social corporate responsibility by Prof. Hans Schenk and Dr. Mark Sanders.
  • Inclusiveness by Dr. Miguel Amaral.
  • and General well being by Prof. Michael Fritsch and Michael Wyrwich.
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