Main tasks/objectives

Coordinator: Dr. Andrea Herrmann (UU)

FIRES investigated in great detail how start-up processes differ across Europe. We selected the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy as cases for the three varieties of capitalism that these countries represent. Data collection on start-up processes is too involved and time consuming to extend this effort beyond these three countries, but fortunately earlier work allowed us to also compare with the United States. As start-up processes are at the core of the Entrepreneurial Society, this research provides us with valuable new information that will help us formulate reforms in this area.

But there is more to an Entrepreneurial Society than just start-ups of new firms. In this work package we have therefore also proposed case studies in the 9 countries involved in our consortium.

The case studies look into:

  1. Solo-self employment in the Netherlands,
  2. Crowd-funding the UK,
  3. Swedish intrapreneurship,
  4. The Italian Young Innovative Companies Program,
  5. German Active Labour Market Policy,
  6. Greek Philanthropy,
  7. Hungarian High Tech Entrepreneurship,
  8. Belgian Succession Practices
  9. Elderly Entrepreneurship in Portugal.

These case studies cover aspects of capital, labour and knowledge institutions and highlight best practices, concerns and problems in the Entrepreneurial Society. In depth case studies may reveal important reform suggestions for our reform agenda.

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