Main tasks/objectives

Coordinator: Mark Sanders

The UU Coordination Team had overall responsibility for consortium management and reporting. They were assisted by a project manager and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance’s Research Support Office.

The Coordination Team was tasked with:

  • Communicating with the Commission for all administrative and financial project issues
  • Participating and consulting in ongoing communication between partners and the Advisory Board
  • Cost statement reports from all partners and efficient distribution of project funds
  • Handling of legal issues and the maintenance of the consortium agreement
  • Implementing and maintaining the project infrastructure, e.g. the internal platform for information exchange and email lists
  • Compiling and distributing all reports to be delivered by the project
  • Coordinating and communicating with other relevant projects
  • Providing guidance, support and oversihght to all partners during the project implementation, especially to work package leaders and with specific reference to ensuring that partners complete their work in accordance with the scientific and technical objectives, and that this is done on time and within the constraints of the budget
  • Ensuring that milestones are reached and deliverables finished on time


Deliverable Lead Due Date
D1.1 – Quality Assurance Plan UU October 2015
D1.2 – Kick-off Meeting UU October 2015
D1.3 – 1st Consortium Meeting UU December 2016
D1.4 – 2nd Consortium Meeting UU October 2017
D1.5 – Midterm Report UU June 2016
D1.6 – Midterm Report 2 UU June 2017
D1.7 – Final Report UU June 2018
D1.8 – Final Consortium Meeting UU June 2018
D1.9 – Data Management Plan UU  December 2015
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