FIRES-coordinator addresses young liberals in Thessaloniki

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On June 2nd, FIRES-coordinator Mark Sanders addressed the general assembly of the International Federation of Liberal Youth in Thessaloniki, Greece. In his speech he shared the FIRES-philosophy that the transition to an Entrepreneurial Society in Europe is urgent, desirable and necessary and pitched some radical financial, labor and knowledge institutional reforms to make that transition happen. In this mixed audience of about 50-70 politically active youths from all over the world, the general proposition went down smoothly. As in Popper’s Open Society, the audience subscribed to┬áthe importance of contestability, open systems and fair competition. The concrete institutional reforms proposals, however: full reserve banking, basic income and abandoning intellectual property rights, raised a lot more discussion (as intended). Overall, the event proved an excellent, high quality exchange of ideas with a key stakeholder group in the Entrepreneurial Society: young people at the start of their careers and lives.

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