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FIRES-consortium members Laszlo Szerb, Andrea Herrmann, Selin Dili, Niklas Elert, Michael Wyrwich, Gresa Latifi, Miguel Amaral, Catarina Matos, Emanuele Giraudo, Koen Frenken, Jacob Jordaan and Mark Sanders attended and presented work at the 2017 WINIR conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Apart from the many seminars and conferences our FIRES-researchers ¬†attend and give in the course of their normal work, this was a concerted effort to reach out to the academic stakeholders in the project and collect their feedback and suggestions on our work. The WINIR-conference was a big success for the FIRES-project. FIRES research was highly visible and the conference organizers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for our attendance and active participation. In the words of local organiser Prof. Bas van Bavel: “FIRES was very visible and contributed valuable and insightful papers to several sessions. The lively discussions and productive exchange of ideas were highly appreciated.” You can read a full report of the conference here.

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