Tamás Sebestyén

Tamás Sebestyén holds a PhD in economics from the University of Pécs, Hungary. His thesis dealt with the possible intersections of network theory and economic modelling. From 2011 he is assistant professor at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs and research fellow at the MTA-PTE Innovation and Economic Growth Research Group, operating at the same faculty, from 2012. He is the leader of the Economic Analysis MA program at the Faculty and from 2015 he is appointed as emissary of the dean in the field of research. His main research interest is economic modeling – besides its mainstream vein he is interested in some border areas especially the possible linkages between standard economic models with network theory and agent based modelling. He has been publishing in these fields in leading journals and he has been participating in various research projects aiming at developing regional policy impact analyzing models.

His research interest in relation to this project concern regional economic modeling with special interest on entrepreneurship and knowledge networks.


Selected publications

  • Lengyel, B., Sebestyén, T., Leydesdorff, L. (2015): Challenges for regional innovation policies in CEE countries: Spatial concentration and foreign control of US patenting. Science and Public Policy, 42(1) pp. 1-14.
  • Sebestyén, T., Varga, A. (2013): Research productivity and the quality of interregional knowledge networks. Annals of Regional Science, 51(1) pp. 155-189.
  • Sebestyén, T., Varga, A. (2013): A novel comprehensive index of network position and node characteristics in knowledge networks: Ego Network Quality. In: Scherngell, Thomas (ed.): The geography of networks and R&D collaborations. Springer, series: Advances in Spatial Science, Springer, Heidelberg, London, New York, pp. 71-97.
  • Varga, A., Járosi, P., Sebestyén, T., Baypinar, M.B. (2013): Detailed Policy Impact Model. D6.2 SEARCH Deliverable, 2013, November
  • Sebestyén, T. (2011): Knowledge Networks and Economic Performance. Approaches for Modeling and Empirical Analysis. VDM Verlag, Saarbrücken. ISBN: 978-3-639-32218-7
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