Péter JÁROSI obtained a degree in Economics at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the Janus Pannonius University, Pecs, in 1991, and qualified as a Programmer Mathematician at the Faculty of Science of the József Attila University of Szeged. He holds a Ph.D. in regional science from University of Pécs (2011). He worked as Head of the Economic and Controlling Department at the Mecseki Bányavagyon-hasznosító Rt. (the Mecsek Mining Resources and Extraction Company plc) from 1996 and later became Managing Director of the Kincstári Vagyoni Igazgatóság (the National Exchequer Resources Directorate). He was Associate Professor at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the Budapest College of Economics between 2001 and 2007 and has been employed by the Faculty as Assistant Professor since 2007.

His fields of interest are spatial computable general equilibrium models and the computer simulation of corporate finance. Earlier he lectured in the field of finance at the Budapest College of Economics, whilst at the Faculty he leads a course on the Local Government Management.


Research interests in relation to this project: macroeconomics, economic modelling, simulation modelling of regional processes

Selected publications:

  • Attila Varga, Péter Járosi, Tamás Sebestyén, Mete Basar Baypinar: Deliverable 6.2: Detailed Policy Impact Model pp. 1-105. SEARCH: Sharing Knowledge assets: Interregionally cohesive neighborhoods, Woking Paper, November 2013 (2013)
  • Attila Varga, Orsolya Hau-Horváth, Norbert Szabó, Péter Járosi: Blue Economy Innovation Impact Assessment with the GMR-Europe Model. TECHNOLOGY AND INVESTMENT 4:(4) pp. 213-223. (2013)
  • Attila Varga, Péter Járosi, Tamás Sebestyén: Modeling the growth effects of regional knowledge production: The GMR-Europe model and its applications for EU Framework Program policy impact simulations pp. 1-28. ERSA conference papers no. ersa11p1426., European Regional Science Association, Paper presented at the 51th European Regional Science Association Congress, Barcelona. (2011)
  • Attila Varga, Péter Járosi, Tamás Sebestyén: Modeling the economic impacts of regional R&D subsidies: The GMR-Europe model and its application for EU Framework Program policy impact simulations. Paper presented at 6th International Seminar on Regional Innovation Policies, University of Lund, Lund, Sweden. (2011)
  • Varga Attila, Járosi Péter: GMR-HUNGARY: A complex macro-regional model for the analysis of development policy impacts on the Hungarian economy.: The equation system of the SCGE sub-model pp. 102-105. Final report project no: NFH 370/2005 (2007)
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