koen_frenkenKoen Frenken is Full Professor in Innovation Studies at Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. He graduated Cum Laude (highest distinction in The Netherlands) from the University of Grenoble (applied economics) and the University of Amsterdam (social sciences). He won personal grants in the Marie Curie and NWO VIDI programmes. Theoretical interests include evolutionary economics, complexity theory and network science. He mainly works on the evolution of science and technology, economic geography, innovation policy and sharing economy.


Selected publications:

  • Hoekman, J., Scherngell, T., Frenken, K., Tijssen, R. (2013). Acquisition of European research funds and its effect on international scientific collaboration. Journal of Economic Geography, 13(1): 23-52.
  • Ponds, R., Van Oort, F.G., Frenken, K. (2010). Innovation, spillovers and university-industry collaboration: An extended knowledge production function approach. Journal of Economic Geography 10(2): 231-255.
  • Boschma, R.A., Frenken, K. (2009). Some notes on institutions in evolutionary economic geography. Economic Geography 85(2): 151-158.
  • Frenken, K., van Oort F.G., Verburg, T. (2007). Related variety, unrelated variety and regional economic growth. Regional Studies 41(5): 685-697.
  • Boschma, R.A., Frenken, K. (2006). Why is economic geography not an evolutionary science? Towards an evolutionary economic geography, Journal of Economic Geography, 6(3): 273-302.
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