Catarina SECO MATOS is a PhD candidate at University of Lisbon (Portugal), has a post-graduation degree in International Development Agents from the Catalunya University (Spain) and holds a degree in Economics from University of Coimbra. Catarina has worked as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (Barcelona), as a Project and Human Resources Manager at WS Energia and as a volunteer in social projects in Portugal, Brazil and Angola. Catarina’s present research focuses on the dynamics of ageing and entrepreneurship.


Selected publications:

  • Baptista, R., Lima, F., & Preto, M. T. (2013). Entrepreneurial skills and workers’ wages in small firms. Small Business Economics, 40(2), 309-323.
  • Baptista, R., Lima, F., & Preto, M. T. (2012). How former business owners fare in the labor market? Job assignment and earnings. European Economic Review, 56(2), 263-276.
  • Amaral, A.M., R. Baptista & F. Lima (2011). Serial Entrepreneurship: impact of human capital on time to re-entry. Small Business Economics Journal. Vol. 37, Issue 1, 1-21.
  • Amaral, A.M. & Mendonça, J. (2010). Entrepreneurial Participation by Immigrants in Portugal. In Critical Issues in Global Business: Lessons From the Past, Contemporary Concerns and Future Trends. Eds. Kaynak, E; Harcar, TD, Advances in Global Management Development Vol. 19 541-548
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