Annalisa Croce

Dr. Annalisa CROCE is Assistant Professor at DIG since 2011, where she teaches Accounting, Business Administration and Finance at graduate and post-graduate level. She obtained a PhD in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano. Croce has participated in numerous applied research projects, promoted by private institutions (e.g. Unicredit), Italian public research institutions, European Commission (“Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Europe: impact on innovation, employment, growth and competitiveness”, 7° Framework programme) among others. She was Academic Visitor at the Boston College in 2006. From February to June 2011 she gained a short term scientific mission financed by the EC (COST-STSM-IS0604-06244) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Madrid) in collaboration with Prof José Martì Pellon.

Her main research interests are the financing of entrepreneurship in high-tech sectors and venture capital and private equity financing. She has published her work in Journal of Business Venturing, Research Policy and Small Business Economics, among others.

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Selected publications in relation to the project

– Bertoni F., Colombo M.G., Croce A., (2010), “The Effect of Venture Capital Financing on the Sensitivity to Cash Flow of Firm’s Investments”, European Financial Management, Vol. 16, n. 4, pages 528–551. IF:0.685.

– Croce A., Martì J., Murtinu S. (2013), “The Impact of Venture Capital on the Productivity Growth of European High-Tech Firms: ‘Screening’ or ‘Value Added’ Effect?, Journal of Business Venturing, 28 (4, 489–510. IF: 3.062.

– Colombo M.G., Croce A., Murtinu S. (2013), “Ownership Structure, Horizontal Agency Costs and the Performance of High-Tech Entrepreneurial Firms”, Small Business Economics, forthcoming. IF: 1.549.

– Colombo M.G., Croce A., Guerini M., (2013), “The effect of public subsidies on firm’s investment-cash flow sensitivity: transient or persistent?”, Research Policy, Volume 42, Issue 9, November 2013, Pages 1605–1623. IF: 2.85.

– Croce A., Faff R., Lugo S., (2014), “Rating Alignment, Rating Shopping and Reputation of Credit Rating Agencies: Evidence from the Subprime Crisis”, Review of Finance.

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